Da Grustle - 1 Million in the Making

This is Eric's first book and he gives you the layout of how he starts his company. Read what he has done so far every step of the way. The ups and downs, success and the failures. How his personal life gets mixed in the business life. How he balance all that he doing for the better. Being an entrepreneur is not a walk in the park, it's either you got it or you don't.   

The Author

Growing up in Virginia Eric done nothing but grind and hustle. In middle school he started selling candy and stuck with it throughout high school. He saved enough money up from selling candy to start his own company Battle King LLC. Anything he feels he needs or thinks would help him grow his business and grow as a person he takes action on it. Learning how to edit videos recording music and even sales in business by researching. Eric feels you can not build a brand or even ask someone to help you if you can't or don't understand it yourself. You must apply yourself in every aspect of business and life. Eric main goal is to GROW and he know being self aware and being a practitioner.

About the Book

Take this journey with Eric Cominski Jr as he try's to make history by starting his own clothing line and end up making it a company that strives off of branding. Find out how he got to the point he is at now and see what he does and go though to build his brand. Growing up in Virginia and dealing with life plus hustling. He can't just stop at a clothing line he must do more and keep moving. Focus on his goals and making it to 1 million mark he always adapt to what's going on and gets the job done. Find out how Eric balances his life with his work and how he pushes himself to take it to the next level. His vision is impeccable and the only person that's in the way is himself no one the blame for nothing because he made this from what is it... Da Grustle.

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